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You might not think that there is much history surrounding roofing, but the roof landscape here in the UK is very different from anywhere else in Europe, boasting a rich and interesting heritage. The widespread use of concrete tiles, which are present on around 60% of all pitched roofs are the most common roofing material used in this country. 20% of the total are slate tiles, while clay tiles are at around 10%.

Roofs that are sloped are referred to as “pitched”. The “pitch” of a roof describes how steep a roof is, anything less steep than 10 degrees is considered a flat roof. Depending on what material the roof is made from, the pitch will affect it – for example, thatched roofs require a very steep pitch in order to drain correctly.

In areas with frequent bad weather, pitched roofs are more beneficial, allowing excess water to run off the building faster. Some areas also have specific building codes, requiring all roofs to be of at least a certain pitch.


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