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If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint or simply want something different, a green, or “living” roof might just be perfect for you.

What is green roofing?

Green roofing, also known as a “living roof” is a form of roofing that is covered with vegetation, plants or grass that is planted over a waterproof membrane. Not only do they look interesting and quirky, they have numerous benefits to both the environment and your home. Green roofing is great at absorbing rainwater, providing extra heat insulation and even providing habitats for local wildlife. Green roofing used in built-up urban areas can also help to lower air temperature and provide cleaner, breathable air. As these roofs feature living plant life, they require more regular maintenance than a standard roof – some may require trimming, replanting and even mowing.

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Green roofing can include additions such as solar panels and solar thermal collectors, which as well as being eco-friendly can help reduce your heating and electricity bills. In addition to insulating heat, green roofs can also insulate sound – lowering the noise you hear from traffic or aircraft.


The plant life present on a green roof also has the potential to provide you and your family with some health benefits – plants naturally filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, providing you with cleaner air, potentially lowering the rates of respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. It has also been found that green roofs have the ability to retain up to 75% of rainwater, which could reduce the likelihood of flooding and overloading wastewater systems.
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